The Brickworks LynnMall

Property Council New Zealand, Rider Levett Bucknall Property Industry Awards

Retail Property Award
Best in Category

Auckland Property People Awards

Team The Brickworks (Aurecon, client: Kiwi Property)
Best Project Team Award

The Brickworks, completed in 2015, provides a new entertainment, dining, and leisure precinct in the LynnMall shopping centre – the oldest shopping centre in New Zealand.

This complex and multifaceted project moved from concept to completion in only 17 months. This was only possible due to everyone involved taking ownership of the project and wanting to see it succeed.

Delivered at a speed which needed to be seen to be believed, the project is a shining example of what the construction industry can achieve when individuals band together and work towards a common goal.

The “project first” ethos engendered by The Brickworks team’s approach produced remarkable results and the result is a development of which the team can all be proud.

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