Adelaide Convention Centre West Building

Australian Structural Institute (ASI) Steel Excellence Awards - National Awards

Buildings – Large projects
High Commendation

Australian Structural Institute (ASI) Steel Excellence Awards – State Division Awards

Buildings – Large projects (SA)

Engineers Australia Engineering Excellence Awards – South Australia Division

Excellence Award (Building and Structures)

Innovative structural steel solutions brought to life the client’s vision for iconic architecture, distinctive and emblematic of South Australia.

Phase one works included the expansion of the existing facility to the West above the railway lines and linking the new structure to the Montefiore Road Bridge. The West Building spans the constricted rail corridor with two mega trusses, making it more like a bridge than a building. Triangular formed bridge trusses, that integrate the structure with the architectural vision, address the structural challenge of a large span bridge and the architectural metaphor of the Flinders Ranges.

The result is a spectacular superstructure at the west entry of the Adelaide Convention Centre.

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