Employer of Choice

Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) – Australia

Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE)

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) is an Australian Government statutory agency created by the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. The Agency is charged with promoting and improving gender equality in Australian workplaces.

In 2016, WGEA granted Aurecon an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation.

Successful firms in the future will be those able to harness the creativity of a diverse workforce.

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Employer of Choice

"It’s diversity of thought that drives innovation. Since 2014, Aurecon has focused on driving culture change and putting programmes in place to facilitate the business becoming an employer of choice for women across the industry. To take the journey to the point where we’re recognised through this WGEA citation required commitment, self-examination and an understanding what we needed to change."

William Cox
Managing Director
Aurecon Australia & New Zealand
Employer of Choice
William Cox, Managing Director, Aurecon, Australia & New Zealand